Featured Athlete: Jayden Chester-Lawton


Courtesy of Jayden Lawton

Junior Jayden Lawton plays on the junior varsity basketball team. He has played basketball for five years.

Junior Jayden Chester-Lawton moved to the district this year. He plays basketball in and out of school, and he hopes to continue his basketball career at the collegiate level.


Favorite warmup before a game: Turning on some music to focus and prepare for a win

Favorite song: “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill

Favorite NBA team: Brooklyn Nets

Years playing basketball: Five 

Biggest motivation: Family


The Red Ledger: What drew you to basketball?

Jayden Chester-Lawson: Basketball just looked so fun, especially seeing all the other players on the court dunk. It just made me want to play.

TRL: How many hours a week do you spend playing and practicing basketball?

JCL: Whenever I’m not doing schoolwork, I’m on the court getting better. I’d stay the night in the gym if I could.

TRL: What is your favorite basketball team memory from this year?

JCL: [It is] definitely the game against McKinney Boyd. With us being down by 10 plus in the final quarter, and then coming back to win the game, it just really made that a game to remember.

TRL: What are your goals for the future?

JCL: I want to play at the highest level I’m capable of and make it to the league for my family. [I’m going to] work out as much as I can and stay focused on my goals.

TRL: What position do you play?

JCL: I typically play shooting guard, but I can play any position I’m asked.

TRL: What are your biggest strengths on the court?

JCL: My biggest strengths would probably be getting to the basketball because no one can really stop me from scoring off of the dribble.

TRL: Who is your role model?

JCL: My uncle Micheal Crabtree [is] definitely [my role model] because I want to be not just as great as he was, but even better. It [my uncle’s professional career] motivates me because I’ve seen him do great things, so it makes me want to do even better.

TRL: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while playing basketball, and how did you overcome it?

JCL: My biggest challenge would be something I deal with everyday, and that’s hearing all the critics and people thinking I can’t make it to the next level. I overcome it all by just working and getting better everyday.