Featured Athlete: Tyler Loop


Matt Bolden

Senior Tyler Loop, the number two kicker in the nation, has officially committed to Arizona University. This is his second year on varsity’s special teams.

Senior Tyler Loop is the starting kicker for the high school football team and was ranked the #2 kicker in the nation from December to May of 2019 by Jamie Kohl, the director of Kohl’s Kicking Program. He is currently ranked #8. He also plays the viola in the orchestra and will run track in the spring.


Name: Tyler Loop

Grade: 12

Sport: Football

Years of Experience: Five

Committed To: University of Arizona

Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: What do you enjoy about playing football?

Tyler Loop: I enjoy competing against the other teams, competing against other kickers across the nation, and seeing how I stack up. I just have been playing it, and really enjoy playing. I see a future in it.

TRL: What made you decide to commit to the University of Arizona?

TL: I was offered a scholarship there. 

TRL: Where do you see your football career taking you?

TL: Right now, I’m trying to keep a short vision and kind of just be in the moment. [I aim to] keep improving day to day and throughout college because I definitely have a college course that would put me in a position to play football in the NFL, which is really my goal. 

TRL: What’s the most fulfilling reward you’ve received?

TL: Probably being ranked number two kicker in the nation for a while. That was really fun.

TRL: What else are you involved in outside of football?

TL: I’m involved in orchestra, and I did play soccer for a while, but I won’t be able to this year, so I’ll be running track in the spring.

TRL: How does it feel to be considered “one of the most refined field goal kickers in the country” by Jamie Kohl?

TL: It’s pretty cool. It was definitely a big accomplishment, big recognition. Especially from the director of Kohls’ Kicking Program, Jamie Kohl, who’s been around a lot of NFL athletes and college athletes. So, for him to recognize me as one of the best and most refined field goal kickers in the nation, that was really special.

TRL: What do you plan on accomplishing before your senior year is over?

TL: Before my senior year is over, one of my biggest goals doesn’t really involve football. I’m doing a fundraiser for my senior project. It’s a pediatric cancer research fundraiser, so I’m hoping to raise $7,500 for that.