Podcast: Holding out for a hero


The Red Ledger Staff

The Reel Critical Podcast takes an analytical look at the world of motion pictures.

Austin Keefer and Grant Vogel

Reel Critical Podcast 2018-19 #11: The Where’s My Supersuit Edition

With Billy Batson’s “Shazam” debut opening this weekend and “Endgame” coming up fast, the Reel Critics take this episode to examine the evolution of the superhero film and the characters who star in them. Then “Keeping It Reel” keeps us in the loop to what Grant and Austin have been watching lately.
Editor’s note: This episode was recorded on Tuesday, April 2. Due to technical limitations, The Red Ledger was unable to post it until today.

Reel Critical is recorded and edited by Grant Vogel. Music from Digital Juice, used with permission.