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Editorial: ‘Famous last thoughts’

Texting and driving has become an issue across the nation, affecting youth the most
Carson Lewis
In the U.S., 11 teens die every day from texting while driving.

The ping of a phone is loud enough to pull someone’s eyes away from the road, but it isn’t loud enough to mask the sickening thud of a body rolling under a tire.

It isn’t loud enough to drown out the blaring sirens of an ambulance.

It isn’t loud enough to cover the cries of grieving parents.

It will never be loud enough.

Texting and driving is a nationwide issue that touches people of all ages, but especially the young. According to, the leading cause of teen deaths is texting while driving. What’s more heartbreaking is that these deaths are all preventable, and with road rage and speeding already plaguing the nation, texting and driving deaths are the last things we need. The Texas Legislature recently took initiative in the fight against distracted driving deaths by making texting and driving illegal, effective Sept. 1.

However, there will still be those who believe they simply cannot be without a phone in their hand, even when they are speeding down a packed road. “It’s just one text, it won’t hurt,” many tell themselves. “It’s not a big deal, and I won’t get caught.”

These are famous last thoughts.

We cannot let a culture of technology obsession invade our vehicles and create a mindset of apathy toward the safety of others. It’s never “just one text,” for one text may lead to the death of a child with boundless potential. A SnapChat may take away someone’s mother. A Tweet may leave your own family broken and mourning, for they will never see you go to college, achieve your dreams, and start a family of your own. We must consider the consequences a supposedly harmless glance may cause.

In the wake of a world with a seemingly endless list of problems, this is one we can solve. This is one we can eliminate, so that our children may group up in a safer environment. All we have to do is put down our phones. It’s that simple, and it costs nothing. Not money, not resources, not your life or anyone else’s.

Though our phones must be put away, the issue of texting and driving must never be put on silent. Everyone should see their family from their home at the end of each day, not from a hospital bed or, worse, not at all. When on the road, both your life and the lives of others are in your hands, and a phone should never occupy that space.

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Carson Lewis, TRL Reporter
Carson Lewis is a senior at Lovejoy High school in Lucas, Texas. Carson is a part of the three-time National Championship winning Allen Texas Competitive Shooting Team, and his other hobbies consist of drawing and playing the drums. His passions consist of music, drawing, and playing video games such as “Dark Souls 3” and “Batman: Arkham Knight.” For a career after high school, Carson is looking to either pursue something in history or mechanical engineering.

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