Stacy Road construction expected to last 2 years


Hallie Fischer

Recent construction has impacted traffic along Stacy Road in Allen and Fairview.

Gracie Sutherland, Lead Reporter

Recent construction on Stacy Road has created a lot of traffic.

“It makes me stressed out with all the construction because I’m already not a good driver,” sophomore Taylor DeCarlo said. “I sometimes try to go different ways to avoid driving on Stacy.”

It is planned to be under construction for two years.

“The City of Allen and the Town of Fairview are working to improve the intersections along Stacy,” said Danielle Gregory, engineer assistant for the town of Fairview. “Fairview is also sending out construction information to a Fairview email list, and HOAs. When possible, use alternative routes to avoid Stacy Road. When using Stacy Road, allow yourself some extra time as this construction zone is an ever-changing environment with unknown factors that could delay traffic.”