Prom throwbacks

Travel back in time to see how staff members celebrated when they were in high school

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While students are getting ready for this year’s big night, staff members take a moment to recall their old prom memories.

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  • "I remember that my best friend and I got matching prom dresses and we were really excited about that," English teacher Michele Riddle said.

    Courtesy of Michele Riddle

  • "We rented a DART bus when it was new and two of the guys in our group got in fight in a parking lot," said animation teacher Ray Cooper who is matching with his date.

    Courtesy of Ray Cooper

  • "I was a freshman and a senior from another school asked me to go with him because we were just friends," English teacher Casey Moore said. "There were a lot of people I didn't know there. Sounds a little awkward, but I remember thinking it was a lot of fun, and I made a lot of new friends from the other school."

    Courtesy of Casey Moore

  • "I remember that I tore my ACL and could not dance at my prom," counselor Amanda Breeden said. "I also think that communicating for prom today is a lot easier because you can take a lot of pictures and talk to your date a lot easier than when I went."

    Courtesy of Amanda Breeden

  • "I remember that I went with my three best friends, but I felt bad because all of our dates didn't really know each other, " associate principal Teresa Dodson said.

    Courtesy of Teresa Dodson

  • "I remember that this was my junior prom, and I was super excited because it was the first time I got to get really dressed up for a really formal event," administrative assistant to the assistant principals Sara Seoighe said.

    Courtesy of Sara Seoighe

  • "I remember there being a lot of drama at my prom with my girlfriend, " sculpture/art teacher Jeff Seidel said." I think its cool how a lot of styles from the past have come back into style today."

    Courtesy of Jeff Seidel

  • "I remember having a lot of fun going in a big group to prom with all my friends," Spanish teacher Seth Sartain said. "My prom was at the World Trade Center in Dallas and that was pretty cool."

    Courtesy of Seth Sartain

  • "I remember really looking forward to prom, and just being with all my friends at the dance," technology teacher Robert Lichtscheidl said.

    Courtesy of Robert Lichtscheidl

  • "I remember having a nice dinner, and going to my prom which was in my high school cafeteria. My date and I didn't stay at the actual dance very long, but we went to a fun after party," journalism teacher Corey Hale said.

    Courtesy of Corey Hale

  • "This was my senior prom, and my date was my best friend since kindergarten," assistant principal Marty Farrell said.

    Courtesy of Marty Farrell

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