‘Twas the night before finals

T’was the night before finals

And all through the town

Not a teacher was stirring not even a hound

The computers were on and open with care

In hopes to finish studying before dawn to appear

The teachers were nestled and snug in their beds

While visions of passing grades danced in their heads

And mama’s fast asleep while I’m wide awake

Stoked on all the caffeine that I had to take

When out in the town, arose such a clatter

The power flicked on and off like it really mattered

Away to the power I flew like a flash

Tore open the box, to pray it wasn’t trashed

The snow covered moon lit up our floor

But I needed power just to see a little more

When what to my wondering eyes my power came on

I ran upstairs to see if my work wasn’t gone

With a little extra help and the flick of a switch

I knew in a moment that my work needed to be saved real quick

More rapid than lightning my curser came

It buzzed and clicked and saved to my name

“Now bio, now econ, now calc and lang, on Spanish, on French, on history quick! To the top of my mind, top of my paper, now send away, send away, send away quick”


As the kids started to dream before their finished papers fly

When they met the obstacle of teary eyes

Up goes their head before they turn blue

Cold and freezing needing a blanket or two

And then in a twinkling I heard down stairs

A noise or a bump that shouldn’t be there

As I drew my head to look around

I didn’t want to get up because I was afraid of the sound

I finally got up from where I was sitting

To grab a bat that was in the lighting

I checked down stairs not to start a fight

Though the stump of my bat was gripped tight

I ran back up to my room so very cold

The light was off making it look like a black hole

Back down in the chair I sit

Sitting down ready to work quick

Finishing my math I feel I’m all done

But then I remember I still had a ton

I finished journalism, journalism with care

Closing my computer and putting it on my chair

I opened my science notes rough and hard

Ignoring the thought that I wouldn’t get far

My eyes starting to blink and my mind starting to wander

I needed to check my iPhone which wouldn’t be a bother

I think I was done; it was time to fall asleep

And away I walk to my bed to start a deep sleep

Four in the morning I whisper and exclaim

“Happy Finals to all and to all a good exam”