Mock exams mimic tests


Morgan Hykin

Even with a 5 on an AP exam, students may still not receive college credit with new policies in place by schools such as Dartmouth and Columbia.

Riley Laurence, Staff Reporter

With the start of AP exams on May 5, some classes on campus are spending time taking mock exams this week. These exams can help get students used to the environment they will be testing in during the actual AP exam.

“For AP World History students, this is usually their first AP exam,” AP World History instructor Kevin Finn said. “This helps them understand what it’s like to do 70 multiple choice questions in 55 minutes and write 3 essays in 2 hours.”

The first tests of the year will be Monday for AP World History, AP Human Geography, and AP Language. These tests are set to take about 4 periods: the exact time the real AP exam will take.

“I think mock exams are great,” AP World History student Tess Mair said. “I’m excited to know where I stand with all of the information I need to know and also to get a feel for what the real test will be like.”

Other classes such as AP Statistics and AP Literature, are taking their mock exams throughout the week, doing a different portion of the test each day.

“Because we weren’t able to secure a time to take the mock exam during the week like some other classes are doing, we will be taking the exam broken up into smaller sections over the course of the next week during class,” AP Statistics teacher Darla Emerson said.

Another class, AP US History, couldn’t get a time during the school week to take a mock exam, so they will be taking their mock AP test on Saturday.

“More than anything else, it helps [students] figure out the time it takes to get things done,” Finn said. “You also get the same experience before the AP exam so it’s less stressful by the time we get [to the real exam] in May.”