Disappearing plots make way for parking lots


Morgan Hykin

A recent decision has been made to begin development on the field on the corner of Exchange and Greenville.

Riley Laurence, Staff Reporter

Plans for another local grocery store have been approved by the Allen City Council, making it the fourth such store in a four mile radius from campus.

“Planned development No. 58 includes a grocery anchor, bank and fueling station at the northwest corner of Greenville Avenue and Exchange Parkway,” Allen Public & Media Relations Director Teresa Warren said. “It was approved by Allen City Council at the Jan. 14 meeting.”

This development is going to be built directly across from Eagle Stadium in Allen.  Just across the intersection is a Kroger, and 2 Wal-Mart’s can be found even closer to campus. But don’t make any plans just yet, as it may be a while before construction begins.

“There is not a specific time frame determined for construction as yet and that it may take up to four years before they build.” Warren said. “Approval of the planned development was just the initial step of the process.”