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Trip inside Mavericks locker room


After idolizing Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks for more than a decade, I was blessed with the opportunity to actually meet with the players in person at their home game on Saturday, February 10.

I had mixed emotions about going into the locker room. I was nervous, excited, uneasy, eager, and, more than anything else, just curious as the how the whole thing would play out.

Riding the elevator down to the event level, my mind was racing about what to ask, whom to ask, and how to ask. Mostly though, I was mentally bracing myself for the chance that I would see someone naked.

Armed with a press pass, a voice recorder, and a small notebook, I took a deep breath and apprehensively entered their locker room after an impressive, and much needed, 116-91 win over the Golden State Warriors, praying that they were all fully clothed and amicable.

Reporters filled the small front section of the locker room, all huddled around Shawn Marion’s locker, attributable to his season high 26 point game as well as the fact that he was the only player in the locker room.

One by one, the rest of the players filled in and out, with reporters flocking around the big name players, and leaving the non-roll players to themselves.

While my first locker room visit did not go as smoothly as I would have liked, the unique experience will be considered one of the highlights of my senior year, and for anyone ever planning on going into a locker room, here are a couple etiquette tips so you know what to expect and so you won’t embarrass yourself.

Tip #1- Do not talk to a player if they are facing their locker. Usually, they would spend a few minutes getting dressed and then turn around, signaling that they were ready to talk to the media.

Tip #1.5- For Dirk Nowitzki you can completely disregard the first tip. When he comes into the locker room, a solid five minutes after the majority of other players have left, he wants to get his interview out of the way, so he faces outwards in his towel. Once HE is done being interviewed, regardless of whether people are still asking questions, he will turn around and no reporter is allowed to go back and talk to him unless they want Nowitzki to despise them afterwards.

Tip #2- Get as close as you possibly can. They practically whisper their answers, so even if you are a foot or two away, they are still barely audible.

Tip #3- If you would prefer not to see them naked, be observant. When you see them starting to take off their towel, go and talk to someone in another corner, or just look the other way.

Tip #4- If you’re talking to someone one on one, try and relate to them. I heard one reporter go up to Bernard James, a player who was previously in the military, and introduce himself as an ex-military man. James instantaneously lightened up and became conversational with the reporter.

Tip #5- Prepare your questions ahead of time, and write them down. If you’re anything like me, you will become star struck and forget what you had planned to ask and be unable to utilize your brain to come up with a semi-intelligent question to ask.

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About the Contributor
Samantha Wendt, Managing Editor
Initially, the legendary snack cabinet and promise of courtside Mavericks tickets lured Senior Samantha Wendt to the newspaper class. Wendt enjoys experimenting with dessert recipes, and sometimes spends upwards of 6 hours making a decadent dessert. Even more than food, Wendt worships the Dallas Mavericks. She idolizes NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki, and knows every single statistic and happening within the Mavericks organization. In the 1st grade Wendt alternated between studying the biographies of the first 42 US Presidents and learning Russian. In 4th grade, she progressed to mapping out the rest of her life; she decided to travel to every single country in the world for a year after college, become a spy for the President, take a bullet in the leg for the President which would led to her subsequent two-term election, and become a college professor until she dies. Now, Wendt has made her life plan more achievable, and aspires to join the FBI.

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