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In battle of billionaires vs millionaires, fans lose

Samantha Wendt, Sports Editor November 4, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011. The events of that day were 31 years in the making. With determination, perseverance, hard work, and the refusal to give up no matter how large the deficit, the Dallas Mavericks...

Second World Series loss worse than the first

Autumn Keefer, News Editor November 3, 2011

Tears forming at the corners of my eyes, a Kleenex in hand, and the shouting of family members surrounding me were enough to express the feelings I was experiencing. The Rangers had lost the World Series...

Forget the turkey: bring on the eggnog

Forget the turkey: bring on the eggnog

GInger Hervey, Editor-in-chief November 1, 2011

So Halloween has just ended. Normally, I am all for pumpkins and witches and ghosts and the one time of year when it is socially acceptable for complete strangers to offer candy to small children. But...

Burdick’s verdict: Hallway = hall-get out of my way

Michael Burdick, Guest Columnist November 1, 2011

You are walking down the halls, getting from Spanish to whatever. You may be alone, you may be chatting with a friend. Then, all of a sudden, you see, coming the opposite direction, your best friend Susie,...

Halloween: is fun or scary more important?

Meridan Cavanaugh, Student Life Editor October 28, 2011

Which is better: fun and funny or creepy and scary? For some people, Halloween is a chance to dress up in a hilarious costume, hang out with friends, get colossal amounts of candy, and have fun. For...

From trick-or-treat to show and tell

Sam McCorcle, A&E Editor October 28, 2011

In elementary school, Halloween was about one thing: candy. The more candy you accumulated in one night, the more successful your Halloween was. It was a time when king-size candy bars were worth their...

Small town bubble burst - a break from the norm

Small town bubble burst – a break from the norm

Liz Schasel, Editor-in-chief October 14, 2011

I usually hate hearing about people’s summer vacations. I really do. Although there are exceptions, unless something ridiculously and unmistakably exciting happened, I’m sure most of us really would...

9/11: Can compassion and justice coexist?

Darby Blaylock, Staff Reporter September 27, 2011

I was four years old when the attack of 9/11 took place. I remember it briefly but our country remembers it like it was yesterday. The pain and sorrow is still in all of our hearts. An eye for an eye,...

Sweeping budget cuts under the rug

Ginger Hervey, Editor-in-chief September 15, 2011

Budget cuts. Those two words have been the talk of the public schools in Texas for the past six months. And now that school has started again, students are really noticing the effects of these slashes...

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