Review: Outer Banks season three is adventurous and engaging

On Feb. 23, the long awaited third season of Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ was an immediate hit climbing to the #1 spot on Netflix. The show follows teenager John B. and his friend group of Pogues as they solve a quest for gold on the North Carolina coast.

The series begins with the disappearance of John B.’s father whose life mission was to find the treasure, 400 million dollars, that was thought to be on the Royal Merchant ship. John B. and his other protagonist friends, John B, Pope, JJ and Kiara, begin the treasure hunt. The show consists of two groups: the Pouges and the Kooks. The working class Pogues and the rich summer vacationing Kooks don’t get along. The lines begin to mix when Kook born Sarah Cameron and John B. begin to pursue each other romantically. Muddying the waters because Sarah’s father, Ward, is also on the hunt for the Merchant’s gold. Both sides battling it out to solve the mystery with betrayal and blame. Ward frames John B. for killing Sheriff Peterkin, while the Cameron brother, Rafe, was the real murderer causing Sarah and John B. to flee the island. 

The second season is much like the first with new plot twists and discoveries about the treasure hunt. Pope discovers he is related to a passenger on the Royal Merchant, Denmark Tanney, who was the sole survivor of the shipwreck. There is also a new addition to their squad, Cleo, who meets Sarah and John B. on the ship that rescued them. The Pogues are able to clear John B.’s name with Rafe’s fingerprint on the weapon he used to kill Peterkin. Ward takes the blame for Rafe’s murder and fakes his death in an explosion. The Pogues find the valuable cross of Santo Domingo, which is stolen by Rafe. The season ends in an exciting boat heist where the Pogues set out to save Sarah and the cross. After lots of fighting, the Pogues manage to get away on a smaller boat and seek safety on an island which they name “Poguelandia”. 

The third season begins in “Poguelandia” where the group is surviving on abandoned island. For as much as “Poguelandia” was hyped up by the trailers, the amount of time they were actually there was minimal which was disappointing. I found the beginning of the season slow and sort of boring, but once I got a couple episodes in I was hooked. 

The new season had lots of plot twists and a new element of the plot that changed the whole season. The romance of the season was at an all time high with two emerging couples: JJ and Kiera and Pope and Cleo. The group discovered that the Royal Merchant was transporting gold from a “city of gold” in South America called “El Dorado”. The introduction of “El Dorado” was really interesting and brought a new excitement to the plot. The quest was much more dangerous and had what felt like an ending point, so this season felt like the climax of the story. 

I was on edge watching the season with the nail biting cliffhangers that made me immediately watch the next episode. If you love adventure, comedy, a little romance, and treasure hunting, this show is definitely a must watch. 

Rating: 9/10