Featured Athlete: Jocelyn Chapman


Courtesy of Jocelyn Chapman

Freshman Jocelyn Chapman runs a 5k at the regional cross country meet. Chapman placed 7th for the team, and 17th overall.

Freshman Jocelyn Chapman earned her spot on varsity elite after a district race. Chapman shares her goals for her future in athletics.  


Pre-run meal: Pasta, salad and water 

Athlete you look up to: Amy Morefield 

Favorite ice cream topping: Sprinkles 

Favorite running shoes: Hoka’s 


The Red Ledger: How long have you been running? 

Jocelyn Chapman: I started running cross country with the team in fifth grade but I started running when I was 7. 

TRL: Why do you enjoy running? 

JC: I enjoy running because I am surrounded by strong young women, and they motivate me to be the best person and runner I can be. 

TRL: How has cross country impacted your life?  

JC: Cross country has impacted my life by improving my fitness level, better eating habits and being a better person school-wise and outside of school. 

TRL: What training goes into cross country? 

JC:  A lot of workouts so speed workouts, definitely working on your body like your legs, your core [and] your arms. [It’s] making sure you are right at the correct fitness level you should be at to be a good runner. 

TRL: How do you balance running with your other responsibilities? 

JC: After I am done with running on the weekends, so after I’m done with my long run, I will be doing flashcards for school, getting homework done and out of the way, making sure all the work is done for school. 

TRL: What were your biggest challenges during this season, and how did you overcome them? 

JC: My biggest challenge was probably running for that top seventh spot. With all the training I have done this year it has really helped me improve. Having more self-confidence, knowing I am a good runner and I could potentially be that varsity spot, and it happened. I was able to make it. Very glad I made it. 

TRL: Why was districts an important race for you? 

JC: Districts was an important race for me because I was running against great runners that are also my teammates and friends. It was definitely a battle between me and my team, but districts was running for that seventh spot to be on that varsity elite team.  

TRL: How did you perform at districts, and what does that mean for you?

JC: I performed great at districts. I really tried my best, those hills were hard, but with all the training that I have put in this year it has really helped me improve and be a better runner. 

TRL: What do you do before the race? 

JC: Before the race, I talked to myself because I was very nervous, and it was a very important race. Talked to myself, tried to get myself into a good mindset and I listened to music that could get me pumped up and in the zone.  

TRL: What were your exceptions for the race? 

JC: My expectations were even if I didn’t get that seventh spot, if I were potentially eight, I would still be there cheering on my team. 

TRL: How did you feel during the race? 

JC: During the race, I was really nervous, but as soon as that whistle blew and we were already on the go, all the nerves went away. I just did the thing I love most, I just ran. 

TRL: How do you keep yourself motivated during the race? 

JC: I kept myself motivated during the race by thinking in my head that I am a strong runner. I am a strong person; I can do this. Just having that positive mindset and never being negative. 

TRL: How did you feel after the race? 

JC: I felt like I really accomplished my goal. The goal this year was to be that seventh runner, be on the state finish line with a gold medal around my neck, hopefully. 

TRL: What are your goals for the future? 

JC: My goals for the future are definitely to be faster. Hopefully running 17’s next year or the year after that. Being on varsity for the next three years. Me and my team going for gold every year.