Caroline Dolberry

Senior Owen Cazad stands by the bleachers in his overalls for the picture. Cazad joined the dirty drumline to feel connected to the game and get into school spirit.

Owen Cazad


Favorite hype song: “Enter Sandman” By Metallica 

Years in the district: 2

Involved in: Motocross and landscaping

Favorite team: Cincinnati Reds

Game time

The Red Ledger: What’s the purpose of the Dirty Drumline?

Owen Cazad: The purpose of the Dirty Drumline is to get the student section hyped up about the game which brings school spirit to the game making them more enjoyable. 

TRL: Why did you want to become part of the Dirty Drumline?

OC: I wanted to get into school spirit and feel connected in the game.

TRL: Why is school spirit important?

OC: It brings everyone together no matter what differences you may have. School spirit is the one thing [everyone has] in common that brings you together. It also makes you feel connected and makes it more enjoyable.

TRL: What does the Dirty Drumline do?

OC: After plays, we hit the drums to get everyone cheering and also do the cheers with the beat of the drum.

TRL: What are you planning on bringing to the Dirty Drumline?

OC: I want to focus on bringing everyone together and having a good time at the games.

TRL: How do you plan to bring more spirit to the Jungle?

OC: I plan on trying to connect to the crowd, make it fun for everyone involved, and embrace representing our school.

TRL: What are you most excited about being on the Dirty Drumline?

OC: I’m excited to see everyone come together, enjoy the games, and really bond with everyone at the games through spirit.

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