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Senior Hudson Thomas poses for the picture. Thomas wants to bring more spirit than ever to the drumline.

Hudson Thomas


Favorite hype song: “Mad Stalkers” by 21 Savage

Years in the district: 12

Involved in: Baseball, Dirty Drumline

Favorite team: Ole Miss Rebels

Game time

The Red Ledger: What’s the purpose of the Dirty Drumline?

Hudson Thomas: The purpose of Dirty Drumline is to create a high-intensity student section and to create energy in the stands. We are basically the Hype Men of the student section.

TRL: Why did you want to become part of the Dirty Drumline?

HT: Because I saw the older boys do it while I was a freshman and sophomore, and I thought it was really cool and I thought their outfits were cool. It looked like a lot of fun.

TRL: Why is school spirit important?

HT: School spirit is important because it brings everyone together to create hype and energy. It also helps throw off our opponents, even from the stands.

TRL: What does the Dirty Drumline do?

HT: We stand at the front of the student section, mainly at the football games. We wear overalls cut off at the knees, cowboy hats, and boots and we beat metal trash cans

TRL: What are you planning on bringing to the Dirty Drumline?

HT: I want to bring Dirty Drumline to more volleyball games and create more spirit than ever.

TRL: How do you plan to bring more spirit to the Jungle?

HT: By getting extremely hyped when the smallest things happen.

TRL: What are you most excited about being on the Dirty Drumline?

HT: Being with my friends and having a great time.

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