Caroline Dolberry

Senior Ben Boland smiles for the picture. Boland is excited to be hype for the games in the front row of the student section.

Ben Boland


Favorite hype song: “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue

Years in the district: 11

Involved in: Rock Climbing Club and NHS

Favorite team: Green Bay Packers

Game time

The Red Ledger: What’s the purpose of the Dirty Drumline? 

Ben Boland: The purpose of the Dirty Drumline is to add hype and energy to the game atmosphere.

TRL: Why did you want to become part of the Dirty Drumline? 

BB: I wanted to be a part of a Lovejoy tradition.

TRL: Why is school spirit important? 

BB: I think it is important, so we can have pride in celebrating Lovejoy’s excellence & students’ accomplishments.

TRL: What does the Dirty Drumline do? 

BB: We go to all football games and pep rallies with our trash can drums. 

TRL: What are you planning on bringing to the Dirty Drumline? 

BB: I plan to bring a big smile and big muscles.

TRL: How do you plan to bring more spirit to the Jungle? 

BB: I’m going to be loud and proud with the home crowd.

TRL: What are you most excited about being on the Dirty Drumline? 

BB: I’m very excited about getting to hype up my boys on the football field from the front row.

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