Featured Athlete: Isabel Szymanski


Olivia Lauter

Junior Isabel Szymanski cheers on both the high school varsity team and on Lady Reign at Spirit of Texas. Szymanski has been cheering for seven years.


Favorite hype song: “Don’t stop me now” by Queen 

Athlete you look up to: I look up to the really good tumblers on my own team and other teams.

Years of experience: 7 years 


The Red Ledger: Why did you start cheering and when?

Isabel Szymanski: I started with sideline cheer for Allen Sports Association (ASA) when I was five and I’ve been tumbling since before then. I didn’t start competitive cheer until I was 10, and I started because my best friend did it.

Junior Isabel Szymanski throws a tuck at the Rock Hill game. Szymanski cheered at Wylie Elite prior to Spirit of Texas. (Olivia Lauter)

TRL: What team do you cheer for?

IS: Lady Reign at Spirit of Texas.

TRL: How would you compare school cheer and competitive cheer?

IS: School cheer is more about getting the crowds involved as you cheer. Competitive cheer requires a more complex skill set when doing difficult tumbling and higher level stunting.

TRL: What are your proudest accomplishments in cheer?

IS: I have won the National Cheer Association Competition (NCA) four times. 

TRL: Describe a day in your life.

IS: I wake up, go to school, get home for like 10 minutes, leave for practice, practice for three hours, get home at 10 p.m., eat dinner, do homework.

TRL: What is your favorite thing about cheer?

IS: My favorite thing about cheer is competition season and the adrenaline rush I get before competing.

TRL: Who inspires you and why?

IS: My coaches inspire me because they’re always pushing me to do better.

TRL: Who are your biggest supporters?

IS: My mom, my dad, and my coaches are my biggest supporters

TRL: What’s your favorite cheer memory?

IS: My year when I was on a level 3 team we won pretty much every competition

TRL: Why do you cheer?

IS: I cheer because I think it’s a lot of fun, even though it’s a lot of time and effort I really enjoy spending time with my team and learning new skills and having fun at practices