Featured Athlete: Alexander ‘Hondo’ Franklin


Nick Perez

Sophomore Alexander Franklin stands at mid-field passing the football. Franklin is the varsity starting quarterback.

Pre Game:

Favorite song:Ready” by Lil Baby

Favorite movie:My All American”

Pre-game meal: Steak

Favorite football player: Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady

Post Game:

The Red Ledger: What was it like being named starting quarterback? Why?

Alexander Franklin: I was very happy that all my hard work had paid off and excited to be able to lead such a great team. It really showed me that hard work does truly pay off and it’s a grind. It’s not easy but anything can be done.

TRL: Who is your biggest motivation in football? Why?

AF: My coaches and my teammates are [my biggest motivation] because they push me to be my very best everyday. No matter what I know they have my back and I have theirs. 

TRL: What are your goals for your career in the future? 

AF: First win a state championship, then to play division one football and eventually make it to the NFL. Overall, I want to be a great teammate and the best leader I can be.

TRL: How do you feel the team will play for the rest of the season? Why?

AF: I think the team will go undefeated and win state. All the hard work and countless amount of days we’ve worked are crazy, but in the end we all have the same goal. 

TRL: What is it like being a starter at a young age at one of the most important positions? Why?

AF: It’s definitely a challenge but I’m blessed and honored to be able to lead and take over such an important role and help the team out. I use stuff now that I will apply to my everyday life as a person.

TRL: What do you do to prepare to be at your best on game days?

AF: My preparation starts on Sunday when we have Zoom meetings. In order to be and play at your best you must put in the time and effort in whatever you’re doing. Game day, I always look over film and the game plan one last time and visualize myself making plays. I always listen to a lot of music and pray.

TRL: Where did the nickname “Hondo” come from?

AF: My dad came up with it when I was younger and got it from a John Wayne movie called “Hondo”. He’s called me that my whole life and a lot of my friends and family call me that too.

TRL: If you could play any other sport what would it be? Why?

AF: [I would play] baseball. I’ve played it my whole life and really enjoy it. I just recently quit to focus on football more.