Featured Athlete: Will Carlson


Olivia Lauter

Freshman Will Carlson runs in the Lovejoy Fall Festival. Carlson ran a 17:07 5k in this race.

Freshman Will Carlson is on the varsity cross country team this year. He started running in seventh grade.  


Favorite pre-race snack: Protein Bar

Pre-race hype song: “Gangnam Style” by PSY

Athlete you look up to: Joe Ingles


The Red Ledger: How was the Mile Split Invitational?

Will Carlson: It was pretty good, and I felt strong. My legs felt good, and the course was flat. I finished with a time of 16:40 and was 65th overall.

TRL: What sports do you play?

WC: I run cross country and track.

TRL: When did you discover your passion for running? 

WC: I discovered my passion for running in seventh grade when I first moved to Texas. There was a cross country program here, so I just decided to join. I first realized I was good at running at the seventh grade Fall Festival. 

TRL: What is your favorite part about cross country?

WC: My favorite part of cross country is hanging out with my friends while running. I like competing during the meets too.

TRL: Who inspires you, and why?

WC: My sister [inspires me] because she is very dedicated to running. She always encourages me to do better. She also cheers me on during races.

TRL: What is your biggest accomplishment?

WC: My biggest accomplishment has been making varsity as a freshman.

TRL: How do you maintain your work ethic?

WC: I run everyday because practice makes perfect. I eat healthy, limit junk food, and drink lots of water.

TRL: Who are your biggest supporters? Why? 

WC: My family [is my biggest support] because they are always cheering me on during races. 

TRL: Do you think you would want to run in college? 

WC: I am not sure yet.