Featured Athlete: Parker Livingstone


Nick Perez

Sophomore wide receiver Parker Livingstone is a new varsity member from J.J. Pierce High School. Livingstone plans to continue his football career in college.

Sophomore Parker Livingstone is a wide receiver on the varsity football team. He transferred from Dallas to the district this school year.


Favorite pre-game meal: steak

Favorite pre-game song: “4 Da Gang”

Favorite color: blue

Favorite movie: The Longest Yard


The Red Ledger: When did you start playing football, and why did you start playing?

Parker Livingstone:[I’ve played] football ever since I can remember. I started playing because my dad signed me up, but I fell in love with the game. 

TRL: Why did you transfer to Lovejoy this year, and how do you like it so far?

PL: [I transferred for] academics, and I love it here. [It’s a] great place to be. The people here are outstanding, so welcoming and so nice.

TRL: What is your favorite football memory?

PL: [My favorite football memory is] playing football with my older brother last year.

TRL: Do you plan on playing football after high school? If so, where and why?
PL: I do plan on playing football after highschool, I just don’t know where. That decision will be made my senior year because I want to go through the recruiting process and enjoy it with my family.
TRL: What is your favorite part of playing football?
PL: My favorite part of playing football is playing with friends.
TRL: What have you accomplished throughout your football career so far?
PL: One of my biggest accomplishments is making varsity as a freshman at my old school. 
TRL: Who is your biggest role model and why?
PL: My biggest role model is my dad because he teaches me how to be a better man and better person everyday, and I don’t take that for granted.
TRL: What would you say your biggest strength in football is and why?
PL: [My] size is my biggest strength and [my] speed.