Pursuing a passion

Maddi Linsteadt , Section Editor

Though I am risking potential hate mail, and the shaking of heads as I pass my peers in the hallway, I have to say that participating in the creation of a senior project isn’t as bad as it may seem. After turning in my project and reflecting on the experience, the process was worth it. I will admit, as the due date creeps close, it seemingly becomes more daunting, but it builds up to a great feeling of accomplishment once the project is completed. Not only can you brag to your friends about not having to worry about completing the project anymore, it can also be very rewarding depending on your chosen topic, and the way you choose to pursue it.

If you take a second to think about it, a lot of the projects that have been turned in and presented over the years can actually help students in the future. Whether it’s an internship at a business, or raising money for a good cause, these projects can be used on resumes. I think that this beneficial factor was probably taken into consideration when our school decided to make it a requirement for seniors. Taking part in this can aid us as individuals when we are trying to look good for colleges or even when going to get a job.

As I said before, the assignments on Google Classroom that go along with the senior project may seem very intimidating at first, but in my opinion, they are not too difficult. Most of the assignments are just filling out a sheet to track progress or filling in blanks to describe the project chosen. When it comes down to it, I think that it is most important to pick something that you are passionate about and interested in. It’s up to all of us to make the best out of the situation, even if it sometimes seems like a lot to handle. For instance, I chose to raise money for something that is very close to my heart. Though it got stressful at some points throughout the process, it was worth it in the end to know that I had made a positive impact on others lives.

Overall, I think that students in all grade levels at the high school should take the concept of senior projects as something to look forward to rather than dread. Everyone, including myself, can learn from this experience. It is a time when we can learn new things and make mistakes. It allows us to dig deeper into our interests and potentially affect the people around us in a positive way. Rather than looking at these projects as just another grade, my opinion is that we use it as a segway into our future. It can be something that is lighthearted and temporary or a trial run for what we want to do in the future. Either way, it can be a fun way to try things and maybe even get our hands dirty.