Focused on deadlines

Lily Bouldin, Staff Writer

I believe that senior projects are a distraction from getting real internship opportunities and building relationships. Treacherous deadlines and requirements of the project, hinder students’ creativity and expression. 

As I am currently rushing to get my senior project done, it feels as though my busy schedule has caused me to strive to simply complete the project. Not to mention, COVID-19 has disabled many of my original ideas for my project. After reaching out to what seemed like every vet within a 50 mile radius, I was turned down by each one because of the risk of exposing or getting exposed to the virus. This of course put me in a frenzy as I realized my month to present was rolling around. I luckily got an opportunity to intern as a law firm after I changed my senior project three times. 

If it weren’t for my connections and my family friend, I would still be worried about my senior project idea and would most likely have to make something up.I believe that the completion of this project is being dangled over our heads all year. Instead, we could be gradually introducing ourselves to the workforce. This could include getting a job or connecting with a family friend. There is no time limit, therefore more time to enjoy the experience and learn.

The student log, mentor log and picture with you mentor all enter your head as soon as you start working on your student project. Rather than listening and learning from your mentor, you are worried about getting their signature. You must check off this box, and this is just another extra item on the to-do list.  

While I believe that many people have created amazing things and have learned a lot through their senior project, I believe there needs to be reform so it engages students properly. This can include a deadline for everyone by the end of the year, deletion of the logs and limited assignments. Students should be allowed to present what they were excited about and what they learned freely without templates. This will truly expose the passion behind the project, and it will be evident if they enjoyed themselves while interning, creating a non-profit or remodeling a room. 

While I admit that my intentions all lead to simply graduating, I desire that students truly learn and understand before they are thrown into the workforce post college or highschool. I also admit that the senior project is a great way for students to understand their passion or career path. On the other hand, if they have a stressful experience with their senior project, what they once loved and desired may soon be hated.