Featured Athlete: Samantha Daniels


Olivia Lauter

Freshmen Samantha Daniels is the only freshman on the varsity girls basketball team. Daniels has 24 rebounds and two charges this season.

Samantha Daniels is the only freshman on the girls varsity basketball team. In her first game, she recorded a double double, and as the season has progressed, she has continued to look to improve.


Favorite Song: “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Favorite pre-game meal: peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple

Favorite movie: “The Joker”


The Red Ledger: When did you start playing basketball?

Samantha Daniels: I started playing basketball in second grade because my parents did not want to pay money for me to continue gymnastics.

TRL: What is your favorite memory playing basketball?

SD: On one of my old teams, we had this girl who was in the grade below us but was super big and strong. One time, after one of our games, the other team said that we had cheated because we were playing with a girl a year older.

TRL: How does it feel being the only freshman on varsity?

SD: Sometimes it feels great like I can compete and make myself better. Other times, it feels like everyone has more experience than me, and I have to work twice as hard to get to the same spot.

TRL: How have you handled the jump from middle school basketball to varsity basketball?

SD: I try to keep my head up and play like I know I can.

TRL: Do you play any other sports?

SD: I tried out for volleyball and didn’t make it, but I still have hope for next year.

TRL: What are your goals for the future?

SD: I want to improve my basketball skills and keep up with my school work.

TRL: What is your biggest motivation?

SD: [I try to] remember how it feels when you win, and you accomplish the thing you’ve been working hard on.