Treason of the season

Margo Friloux, Staff Writer

Hallmark movies scream Christmas time and are constantly airing on TV throughout the holiday season. These movies will make one want to scream, and pull their hair out while watching the predictability, cheesiness and identical plots in all of the Hallmark movies.

While watching Hallmark movies, I can predict exactly what will happen next as the film proceeds. A man on the street will bump into a girl. They will spend their holiday season together.There will be a fight between them. Then, they will make up with a grand, sentimental gesture. Finally, they will spend the rest of their life together. While watching these movies, one will be able to anticipate everything that will come next, and that creates an awful watching experience. 

Along with being predictable, Hallmark movies are cringe-worthy. The actors and actresses that are cast for these movies desperately need acting classes. Their terrible acting creates awkward interactions between characters, and also gives the watcher second-hand embarrassment from how uncomfortable the actors look. Hallmark uses the same actors and actresses in almost every movie, so the acting is predictable in each movie and makes Hallmark even more difficult to watch. 

Every single Hallmark movie starts with one of the three basic plotlines: a divorced couple forced to spend the holiday together, a work addict who lives in the big city and is visiting a small town for Christmas, or a family-owned bakery that is either going out of business or competing in a baking contest. They all have some kind of love story intertwined in the plot somehow. The divorced couple falls in love again, the city man falls in love with a small-town girl, and the baker finds a partner that helps them revive their business. If you have watched one Hallmark movie, don’t waste your time watching another almost identical plotline. 

This holiday season, when wanting to watch a Christmas movie, my advice is to steer clear of the Hallmark channel. Avoid the frustrating predictability and tasteless plotlines of Hallmark movies this Christmas season, and instead choose  something with an entertaining and intriguing storyline.