Hit the (Hall)mark

Lindsey Hughes, Editor-in-Chief

When the weather drops into the 30s and the time comes to turn on the fireplace to keep warm, the logical next step is to turn on the TV and watch a Hallmark movie with family. Yes, they are predictable 1.5 hour love-life dramas filled with mediocre acting, but they might just be the perfect out from the chaos of this world. 

With all the hectic decorating, baking and preparing for family in town, sitting down to let your mind not have to think is exactly what everyone needs during the holidays. Watching Hallmark movies is the perfect way to unwind. The plot is so predictable, that viewers can let their mind wander and not worry about noticing every twist and turn that typical movies have. Every ending is the same, so no anxious nail biting needs to take place while watching them. No one has to engage in active watching to understand what is going on, and during this time of year especially, that is exactly what one needs.

A second plus of watching Hallmark movies is the message that all the movies bring. With everything going in the world with holiday preparations and COVID-19 stress, the theme of family, love and giving is exactly what everyone needs to hear this season. In each Hallmark movie, the main character either falls in love with a family-oriented love interest, or they discover the meaning of Christmas with a lesson in a small town. These simple themes bring viewers the perfect feeling of holiday joy. Additionally, children can pick up on these life lessons because of the simplicity of the movies. 

Hallmark movies are timeless, never-ending gifts. No one can count the number of released Hallmark movies each year. Needless to say, when one is in the mood to watch a christmas movie, there are countless Hallmark movies to choose from, each with an uplifting theme that is timeless, with messages applicable to people of all ages, social classes and locations in the world. Growing up, the same Hallmark movies that one enjoyed watching as a child will still be there to enjoy when they are in their 80s. 

Hallmark movies are plain and simple, but that is exactly what is needed in the world right now. Uplifting, positive movies that are enjoyed by all allow families, friends and individuals to enjoy the season however celebrated.