Featured Athlete: Andrew Houser


Courtesy of Andrew Houser

Junior Andrew Houser plays with his club team the Dallas Penguins. Houser also plays for the school.

Junior Andrew Houser has been playing hockey since he was 2 years old. In the future, he plans to play for either the United States Hockey League, National American Hockey League, Western Hockey League or at college.


Favorite college team: Boston College

Favorite Food: Pasta

Position: Left Wing

Favorite vacation spot: Seaside, Florida


The Red Ledger: When did you start playing hockey? Why?

Andrew Houser: I started when I was like 2 [years old] because I wanted to play like the Dallas Stars. Although now, I don’t care for them.

TRL: What is your favorite thing about playing hockey? Why?

AH: I like the physicality and the fast speed of the game. It is just such a rush when you’re playing.

TRL: What achievements are you most proud of in hockey?

AH: [It was] going to the United States Hockey League combines to compete against some of the top hockey players.

TRL: How do you feel you will perform this season?

AH: I think I can have 40 plus goals in highschool alone, including assists and everything, probably around a 70 point season. I also feel like we can win the state tournament.

TRL: How long have you been playing hockey for?

AH: Fourteen years. I started skating when I was two [years old].

TRL: What are your goals for the future in hockey?

AH: Either play United States Hockey League, National American Hockey League, Western Hockey League or college.

TRL: What is your most memorable experience playing hockey over the years?

AH: Playing on an outside rink when it was snowing in North Dakota was probably my favorite memory.

TRL: What is your favorite part of playing for Coach Day?

AH: I get more ice time, and he coaches well, to the point where we will win.