Featured Athlete: Brynn Egger


Courtesy of Brynn Egger

Senior Brynn Egger blocks the ball after an attempted spike onto the Leopards. Egger plays as a middle for Lovejoy.

Senior Brynn Egger is heading into her fourth year of varsity volleyball at the high school this year. Egger committed to Central Oklahoma University to play volleyball.


Position: Right Side 

Warm up song: “Imma Be” by The Black Eyed Peas or  “Take What You Want” by Post Malone

Years playing volleyball: About 12 years total, 8 years of club 

Pregame ritual:  I get my sideline snacks, and then we blast our favorite songs in the locker room. 

Pre game meal: Teriyaki chicken and rice from Two Rows

Workout: A strong game of fast ball or 5 vs. 5.


The Red Ledger: What is your favorite memory of volleyball so far?

Brynn Egger: My favorite volleyball memory would have to be beating [Frisco] Liberty to make it to the regional tournament. I had never experienced so much adrenaline in a game from the amount of people cheering us on.

TRL: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in regards to volleyball?

BE: My biggest accomplishments that I’m proud of has to be making the National All-tournament Team at the Girls Junior National Championship in 2019, and also winning a state championship with Lovejoy. 

TRL: What is the feeling of connecting with the ball?

BE: When I connect with the ball, it feels like I’m moving in slow motion, and I can see the exact place I’m going to hit it. 

TRL: What does volleyball mean to you?

BE: volleyball  is about the relationships built around me and having coaches teach me how to not only to become a better athlete, but a better person.

TRL: Why did you decide to commit to Central Oklahoma University?

BE: I decided to commit to the University of Central Oklahoma because the second time I stepped onto the campus it was a gut feeling. The campus and the team felt like home. The coaches are super focused on making their athletes successful people, and I value that very much. 

TRL: What are your personal volleyball goals?

BE: My personal goal for volleyball is to continue growing and being successful. I want to win another state championship this year, but we have to take it slowly one day at a time.