The Bright Side: Philanthropy, AP tests, environmental changes


Hannah Gonzalez

“The Bright Side” is a new series which will discuss three pieces of positive news taking place across the state, nation and world in light of COVID-19.

Editor’s note: The Bright Side” is a new series that highlights three pieces of positive news that are taking place across the state, nation and world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. News: Non-profit organizations in Collin County have closed due to COVID-19.

On the bright side: Local philanthropists such as the Dallas Cowboys, United Way Metropolitan Dallas and Communities Foundation of Dallas announced that they would instead host an online campaign designed to raise money for non-profits and first responders. They’re dedicating May 5 as the online giving day, but donations can be made as early as April 14 when the website goes live. 

2. News: College Board announced that all AP tests this year will be essay-based.

On the bright side: Instead of spanning over multiple hours, students can take the test at home in a matter of 45 minutes. Additionally, tests are open books, which can aid students in their studying methods, as trying to cram all the year’s information the night before the test will no longer be needed; however, plagiarism software will be utilized to prevent cheating from both the internet as well as textbooks. 

3. News: Dallas has a shelter-in-place in effect until May 20.

On the bright side: Since most cities in America have embraced a shelter-in-place of some sort, air pollution has decreased. With less cars burning fuel, less factories producing smoke, and less human activity in general, the global climate is experiencing cleaner air and water. Major metropolitans have seen the most drastic changes, such as New York, which reported a 28-37 percent decrease in fine particulate matter.