Playlist: Fall favorites


Kaitlin Anderson

This playlist features songs like “Take what you want from me” by Post Malone and “This is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson.

Karina Li , Staff Writer

Pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, Friday night football games, chilly mornings, pumpkin carving and leaves changing colors. All of these are synonymous to the word “fall.” From 70s classics to modern-day picks, from pop to indie to country, if you find yourself wanting to listen to some new music or revisit old favorites, this is the playlist for you.

“September,” by Earth, Wind, & Fire:

A timeless classic made famous with the opening lyrics, “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” It’s the song everyone knows the beginning of, but no one really knows the rest. September is perfect for an impromptu dance party while procrastinating.

“Take What You Want,” by Post Malone:

A new song from Post Malone’s new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. Take What You Want is full of meaningful lyrics and good beats. Featuring both Travis Scott and Ozzy Osbourne,  this song is a staple meant to be played while driving at night with the windows down.

“This Is Halloween,” by Marilyn Manson:

A cult favorite that should be on repeat at any Halloween party. At first listen, this song may seem like a mishmash of sounds, but’s a favorite for a reason. The repeated statement of “This is Halloween” means that no one at your party will forget what day it is.

“Take Me Home, Country Roads,” by John Denver:

Soulful, beloved Country Roads. This song reminds me of hayrides and apple trees and plains. Meant to be listened to in a private space where no one else can hear you singing/screaming the infamous chorus of  “Country roads, take me home / To the place I belong / West Virginia, mountain mama / Take Me Home, Country Roads”.

“Entertainer,” by ZAYN:

Entertainer is more lyrical, in typical Zayn fashion, but there is a good beat underlying the song. Regardless of the split of One Direction, Zayn produces amazing songs. “Entertainer” is particular is perfect for fall days when one feels a little more under the weather. 

“Ghostride,” by Crumb:

Ghostride gives off those trippy, slightly psychedelic vibes that one craves once “spooky season” rolls around. The synthesizers and keyboard combined with the drums and her voice makes for a soothing sound that is the reason why the band has so many fans.

“Hotel California,” by the Eagles:

This song is another old classic reminiscent of hot summer days, popsicles and road trips. For those moments when you just need to remember summer memories. Meant to be listened to on a warm day with the volume all the way up and, of course, the windows down.

“Sour Patch Kids,” by Bryce Vine:

Sour Patch Kids is a song that sounds happy and carefree. This is a song you can totally dance to. The beat, tune, and lyrics combine to embody the spirit of a teenager. A song that should be listened to with your friends in the car with you.

“Ocean Eyes,” by Billie Eilish ft. blackbear: 

Ocean Eyes is one of the better known Billie Eilish songs. The meaningful lyrics resonate with her listeners and her music is typically more beat-heavy, however Ocean Eyes is easier going and is soothing to hear. The “blackbear remix” makes the song have an almost reminiscent vibe and his vocals combine really well with hers. To be listened to while mildly procrastinating about writing a playlist.