Playlist: Sounds for study


Kaitlin Anderson

This playlist features songs from artists like Rex Orange County to Journey.

Layla Healey, Staff Writer

Finals and exams are here, with summer break clipping their heels. Study music can be beneficial to beat pre-exam anxiety and help calm the nerves. According to Florida National University, music and studying have many benefits when done together. This playlist will cure the silent bedroom hours and allow focus towards the upcoming tests.

“Thinkin Bout You,” by Frank Ocean: This song by the title seems like it would be almost emo and unproductive for studying. However, the beat of this song flows nicely allowing the words to move along with the instruments. The satisfaction of a smooth song will make studying flow like the music.

“Intro,” by The xx: The beats of the bass guitar mixing with the soft instrumental creates a soothing mood. Using this song to study will create a relaxing environment.

“Don’t Stop Believing,” by Journey: This is a little bit of a different mood than the other songs. Yet, the uplifting beat portrays a motivation that can be put towards successful studying.

Rain noise soundtrack: This is a simple search that can be found on most music platforms. According to Psychology Today, this falls under the category of ‘white noise,’- a random mixture of sound frequencies that when heard at a low volume distractions. In simpler terms, it avoids full distraction while simultaneously redirecting focus back to studying rather than a loud song.

“Yellow Lights,” by Harry Hudson: Another quiet harmony that works well with the melody, “Yellow Lights” flows smoothly throughout the entire song. From start to finish the beat is steady making it easy to continue studying with minimal distraction.

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell: This is another you-got-this song. Under the category of R&B/ Soul on Youtube, Gaye and Terrell sound motivated and puts a happier mood on what could be a dreaded study session.

“Different State of Mind,” by Kid Bloom: The beat of this is calm yet upbeat. It keeps the feeling lighthearted while not being over the top loud.

“Easily,” by Bruno Major: Not to be confused with Bruno Mars, Bruno Major has a balance between instruments with the bass and this results in a match of focus and contentment while studying. One could say it would get done ‘easily’.

“Ultimately,” by Khai Dreams: This song has a strong instrumental background. The song has a softer voice throughout the song which results in a calming rhythm to make studying feel ‘ultimately’ like less of a burden.

“Sunflower,” by Rex Orange County: Rex has a few albums and all of the songs are different in their own way. “Sunflower,” is a balance between upbeat motivational and an easy going beat.