New art history club members pursue interest beyond the classroom


Junior Brynne Davies and seniors Marisa Medrano and William Floyd listen to Arianne Ohman present her slides at the Art History Club meeting Wednesday morning.

Students can now participate in the school’s new art history club. The club, created by senior Arianne Ohman, seeks to attract students who have taken AP Art History or for those who are interested in art history.  

“I took AP Art History last year and it quickly became one of my favorite classes,” Ohman said. “After the course finished, I realized how much I would miss it and decided to start the club so that I and everyone else with an interest in art history could keep learning about it outside of the AP class.”  

The club is open to anyone who wants to join regardless of whether or not they have taken in AP Art History. “The club is open to anyone with an interest in art history, and definitely not exclusive to students who have taken the class. Everyone can come check it out” Ohman said.

“Similar to art history class, we will be learning about various artists, art movements, and works of art throughout the year. However, we will cover different content so that students who are currently taking or have taken AP Art History can learn new material as well.” Ohman said.

During meetings there will be presentations on pieces of work, artists, art movement, ect. There will be discussions over ideas and thoughts on the presentation.  “It will be really chill and a great place for anyone to come and learn something new,” Ohman said. 

The art history club will meet in AP Art History teacher Amanda Beller’s room, E106. Beller will be the sponsor, but the club will be run by students. 

“I know we will discuss art history, both contemporary work and work of the past.” Beller said. “It is similar [to AP Art History]  in that we are discussing art history, but we don’t have a certain number of works to discuss or tests.” 

There are already many students signed up for the club, but there is no limit to how many people can join. So feel free to sign up if you are interested in art history.

“I joined the club because art history is the best,” senior Maddie Roth said. “I loved Mrs. Beller and I loved all the pieces we learned about. I am very into art history and seeing the art side of events that happened was really cool.” 

To join the art history club students can email Arianne Ohman [email protected] or join the Remind by texting “@lojoahclub” to 81010.