Photo Gallery: Make school spirit cool again

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On Friday, September 6, a pep rally was held to get students ready for the first home football game of the season at 7:30p.m. against Sulphur Springs. The theme of the pep rally was red, white, and blue and was run by seniors Claire McFadden, Matt Piccirillo, and Harper Pool. 

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  • Tyler Loop, Tyler Bidelman, Ethan Cowan, and Bradley Call lead the varsity football team out of the tunnel at the start of the Pep Rally. Before running out of the tunnel, the football players yelled their chant.

  • Junior Peter Godipelly celebrates after receiving the award of most spirited student. He is known for always yelling, jumping, and dancing at the Pep Rallies.

  • Harper Pool and Trent Robinson came together and spoke about tonight's home game. The Lovejoy Leopards face off against Sulphur Springs at 7:30 tonight.

  • Leo the Leopard performs with the cheerleaders during their cheer. Leo is known for participating in the cheerleader’s performances.

  • Senior Grace Urbin raises the "S" during the Lovejoy cheer's varsity performance. The cheerleaders worked on this routine during their camp over the summer.

  • Cheerleader Hannah Patrick performs a routine during the pep rally. Hannah has been cheering for LHS for three years, and will be with Varsity at tonight's home game.

  • Representatives from the tennis team, Taryn Sutherland, Saskia Wells, Kelly Zhang, and Drew Hayward talk about their recent achievements and their goals for the season.

  • Rendle McCartney, of the senior student section, screams the leopard battle cry along with the rest of the senior as an effort to win the spirit stick. He grabbed one of the cheer megaphones as an effort to be much louder. Rendle McCartney is also on the Varsity football team.

  • Hayes Anderson and Triton Freels, of the Dirty Drumline, sing the alma mater at the conclusion of the Pep Rally. The Dirty Drumline is notorious for the comedic overalls and school spirit.

  • Hayes Anderson and Triton Freels, two members of the Dirty Drumline, are drumming on their iconic tin trash cans in the student section. They are known to be as loud as the band’s Drumline.

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