Photo Gallery: Baseball Regional Quarter-Finals

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Last week Lovejoy Baseball faced off against Frisco Lone Star in a three game series in the regional quarter-finals.  After their victory on Thursday, May 16, the team experienced losses on Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18, ending the season.

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  • Senior Jake Terwilliger celebrates as the Leopards tie the game 7-7 in the seventh inning.

  • Senior Luke Finn jumps in order to make an out at first base against Lone Star player.

  • Senior Zach Smith hits during the first inning of the third playoff game. The game was postponed to 6 p.m. due to weather conditions.

  • Senior Michael DiFiore makes at out at first base in game two of playoffs.

  • Senior Jacob Terwilliger jumps to catch the ball and make an out on second base.

  • Senior Michael DiFiore makes an out against a Lone Star batter.

  • Sophomore Ralph Rucker fails to dodge a Lone Star catcher as he attempts a run at home base.

  • Junior Harrison Durow fails to make an out at first base as the umpire signals a safe gesture in the outfield.

  • Senior Luke Finn cheers after he scores a run in the third game of playoffs, bringing the score to 4-7.

  • Junior Sam Coit blows a bubble as he cheers on teammates from the dugout during the seventh inning tying the game.

  • Senior Luke Stine practices batting with two bats before he steps up to the plate.

  • Junior Brett Sabin and Senior Jake Terwilliger lock arms as Terwilliger returns to the dugout as the Leopards transition to batting.

  • Lovejoy parent Stacey Stine cheers on players as the game ties 7-7 in the seventh inning.

  • Senior Luke Finn is congratulated by sophomore Josh Ringler after a successful inning.

  • Freshman Kolby Branch watches the game in preparation to go up to bat in the third inning.

  • Senior Cade Smitherman and his teammates take the field after achieving a 7-7 tie.

  • Senior Jake Terwilliger is greeted by junior Ben Nopper after a successful bat in the fourth inning.

  • Senior Jake Terwilliger, followed by his teammates, enters the dugout after celebrating a 7-7 tie on the field.

  • Senior Luke Stine looks on as he prepares to take the field to bat.

  • Junior Garrett Larson congratulates second baseman Luke Finn after the fifth inning as he enters the dugout.

  • Junior Sam Coit and his teammates rush onto the field following a home run.

  • Senior Luke Stine prepares to bat in the on-deck circle.

  • Seniors Cade Smitherman and Jake Terwilliger celebrate after a home run.

  • Sophomore Ralph Rucker practices his swing in the on-deck circle in the fourth inning.

  • Senior Luke Finn slides into home plate following Luke Stine's successful bat in the sixth inning.

  • Coach Jason Wilson taps his nose as he signals to players on defense as to what plays they should aim for.

  • Senior Jake Terwilliger pitches at the beginning of the third playoff game which ultimately ended in a 7-8 loss.

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