Photo Gallery: Baseball Playoffs Round Two

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  • On May 11, the Lovejoy Baseball team competed against Highland Park to advance to the regional quarter finals. The Leopards were granted the opportunity to play in the Globe Life Park, the home stadium to the Texas Rangers.

  • Senior Luke Stine faces Highland Park batter as the first pitcher of the game.

  • Junior Harrison Durrow drinks a Perrier between innings. Durrow then goes out to pitch in a later inning.

  • Senior Michael DiFiore watches the game from the on-deck circle as he prepares to go up to bat. DiFiore prepares himself for his upcoming at bat.

  • Senior Michael Difiore yells to his team after hitting a home run over the right center field fence. The measurement from home plate to the right field fence is 377 feet.

  • Senior Luke Stine claps for teammates at the end of the dugout during the fourth inning.

  • Pitcher Harrison Durrow talks to Coach Dillon O'Bryant while watching the fifth inning.

  • Coach Jason Wilson has a discussion with an umpire over the controversial calling of a foul ball.

  • Team celebrates after Senior Colton Laurence hits a deep fly ball to center field to score the runner on third.

  • Junior Benjamin Nopper congratulates Senior Cade Smitherman at the end of the fourth inning.

  • After a foul ball was hit in the right field stands, Leopards fans beat juniors Logan Bowling and Benjamin Nopper in retrieving the ball. The three took pride in their accomplishment but later had to toss the game ball back to players.

  • Three young Leopard baseball fans ask a player if they can keep the game ball. The boys later received three more in addition to assisting the players locate foul balls in the stands.

  • Senior Colton Laurence takes advantage of a pass ball and steals second base.

  • Sophomore Ralph Rucker makes the last out to earn the area finals win for the Leopards. Rucker started the game in the field behind the plate and was placed in left field in the last inning.

  • Junior Logan Bowling and freshman Colby Branch get some air after the last out of the game. Both athletes played defensive positions in the Saturday outing.

  • The baseball team comes together in the middle of Globe Life Park to celebrate their playoff win against Highland Park. The Leopards will compete against Frisco Lone Star in their round three series of games.

  • Coach Casey Jones carries his son, Walker Jones, while greeting an official during the post-game celebration. Coach Jones later takes Walker to play with a baseball in the outfield.

  • Coach Casey Jones brings his son onto the Texas Rangers field.

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