Band to host community garage sale fundraiser

Joeley Hedgcoxe

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Courtesy of Melissa Smith

The band will host a fundraiser Saturday, Oct. 27 to support students who will travel to New York.

The band is hosting a community garage sale Oct. 27 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the high school’s back parking lot in order to raise money for band students to travel to New York during the second semester. There, students will perform in Carnegie Hall.

People can purchase booths of their own to sell their items. Each booth is 50 dollars and purchased under the name of a band student. The 50 dollars will go towards that student’s travel fund.

“All proceeds directly benefit band students as they raise money to play at Carnegie Hall,” said Band Booster President Colleen O’Brien.

The students will be selling normal garage-sale items, but a bake sale will also be included for participants and buyers to indulge in. Profits from community items for sale will be split among students who volunteer.

“I’m going [to the garage sale] so that I can be with my friends, I think it’ll be a really fun activity,” Sophomore Gracie Bardwell said.

The band students are also accepting donations from those who would like to contribute.