Hannah Gonzalez

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On The Spot: 2010s decade reflection

As December 2019 concludes, many students say goodbye to their first full decade of life. The years marked their childhood and adolescence, while staff members said goodbye to a decade full of various national changes, new jobs and medical hope.

Chemistry teacher Jason Taylor
Senior Cameron Harper

English teacher Andy Doughty

Joeley Hedgcoxe, Staff Writer

“I think that it’s such a great time for reflection because Iwas in my undergrad and then started teaching the 2010’s because I graduated high school in 2009 then I graduated college in 2012 and started teaching in 2013 and I've been teaching since, so I think I'm looking forward to this next chapter- this next decade and to see what happens. If it's anything like this one then im moving a mile ...

Senior Brett Sabin
Sophomore Chisom Okorafor
Sophomore Sebastian Ramirez
Algebra and precalculus teacher Crystal Gaddie

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