Playlist: Sounds of autumn


Kaitlin Anderson

Senior Alexis Russell shares her favorite songs to inspire the fall mood.

The gradual transition from summer to autumn ushers in a variety of changes. The temperature starts to drop, the leaves start to make their annual transition from green to gold, and the music changes as well. In this playlist, are 45 compiled songs to listen to to welcome in the best season of the year. Below are additional details on the top 10 songs of the playlist:

1. “Vanessa” by Del Water Gap: This song is basically a narrative that encapsulates exactly what it feels like to reluctantly fall in love with someone. It is sad and beautiful and one of DWG’s best works. Perfect song for evening drives, preferably with the windows down.

2. “Oom Sha La La” by Haley Heynderickx: Heynderickx is a relatively under-the-radar indie folk singer who has a wonderfully alluring voice. This song is perfect for when you need to take some time to destress. Good listen for a bad day.

3. “Icarus” by Duncan Fellows: On the forefront of Austin’s indie scene stands Duncan Fellows. “Icarus” has a raw and driving sound with lyrics that can really put stuff into perspective. It is a beautifully crafted song, and even though it was one of Duncan Fellows’ firsts, it’s still one of their best. Best suited for a sluggish Sunday morning.

4. “Bad Things” by Milky Chance: “Bad Things” is a spunky and upbeat song that acts as an immediate mood lifter. This song incorporates Milky Chance’s trademark sound while simultaneously showcasing Izzy Bizu’s unique range, which results in a really great addition to their deluxe album, “Blossom,” released in March of 2017.

5. “What’s Hot Water for a Frozen Heart?” by Melgarth: Melgarth combines spirited and thought-provoking lyrics with a complimenting backdrop of instrumentals to create one of the most interesting songs on this playlist. I’ve gradually found myself reciting this song word for word, and although it is more of an oddball, it’s eccentricity is what makes it so great. Good song for when you need a change of pace or a change of scenery or just a change in general.

6. “Lay It On Me” by Vance Joy: I’m sure the majority of people never really gave Vance Joy another thought after his 2013 hit song “Riptide”, but his most recent album “Nation of Two” definitely changed that. The 30 second gradual crescendo of background percussion and vocals in “Lay It On Me” induces chills every single time. Ideal song to help you survive traffic on your early morning commute to school or work.

7. “Birds Don’t Sing” by TV Girl: My mom hates when I play this song in the car because she claims it “stresses her out”, which kind of makes me love it even more. TV Girl describes their music as something “you can sing along to, wouldn’t sing around your parents.” It’s spunky and sort of chaotic at times, especially with the background clips of people talking and instruments that I couldn’t name if I tried. Overall, a good song if you like that sort of thing.

8. “Shake It Out – Acoustic” by Florence + The Machine: Florence Welch’s insane vocals are really displayed in the acoustic version of this song. Her voice is so raw and emphatic. The 3:55 time stamp is one of the best parts of the entire song. Good song to sing along too at the top of your lungs.

9. “Still” by The Japanese House: The Japanese House has such a distinguished sound that sets them apart from other Indie pop and Folktronica bands. Lead singer Amber Bain’s voice blends with the synthesizer in such amazing ways. Ideal for a rainy day.

10. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie: This song is a heartfelt perspective on what the afterlife has in store for a man in love. It is sort of dark and depressing, but ultimately it is loving testament to what “till death do us part” really means. This classic song captures the true essence of the season.