Athletic department to continue renovations

The basketball locker rooms, along with other locker rooms, have been renovated over the past year.

Shae Daugherty

The basketball locker rooms, along with other locker rooms, have been renovated over the past year.

In order to keep up with other athletic programs in the area, Lovejoy athletics made a commitment to a series of renovations and upgrades to their athletic facilities.

“Last year the district was able to build new locker rooms for the baseball, softball, tennis, and golf programs while also overhauling the wrestling facility at the Sloan Creek campus,” head basketball coach and assistant athletics director Kyle Herrema said.

An indoor training facility for the swimming team was also constructed.

The basketball, volleyball and cheer programs all received renovations to their locker rooms, which were completed a week ago. In addition to these upgrades, the football team had its all-purpose facility renovated, which created a new meeting room and expanded locker room space. The district will continue construction in other areas in the near future.

“The fieldhouse will undergo construction this year to expand the athletic training room and renovate the soccer, track, and cross country locker rooms,” Herrema said.

Herrema says that these renovations are necessary to continue to establish Lovejoy as a “premier destination” for student-athletes.

“When Lovejoy opened 13 years ago, our numbers were reflective of a 3A program,” Herrema said. “With the academic, athletic and fine art success of all of our programs, Lovejoy has become a premier destination for families to send their kids to school.”

The district plans to add revenue through the installation of digital scoreboards in the football stadium and gym, which will be installed at the end of the school year. Preliminary estimates show the district earning $60,000 in advertising revenue, and recent estimates show that number increasing to over $100,000 dollars annually.

“The digital scoreboards will enhance the fan experience for all programs that use these facilities,” Herrema said. “The ability to highlight individual student performances as well as the opportunity to announce and show upcoming events will add value for many of our fans.”