Elementary students support ACO with nonprofit organization


Courtesy of Sandra Chapman

Fourth graders Jocelyn Chapman and Lauren Perry make handmade jewelry and t-shirts.

The study of entrepreneurship and philanthropy is an unlikely endeavor for a typical 9 or 10-year-old, but Lovejoy Elementary school fourth graders Jocelyn Chapman and Lauren Perry are co-owners of Motive8, a non-profit organization that supports efforts to aid the community through the encouragement of donations to the Allen Community Outreach (ACO).

The company makes handmade jewelry and t-shirts, which feature motivational messages in an effort to inspire customers. All proceeds the company collects are donated to the ACO.

“We try to motivate people to support others that are dying from coldness and people [who] don’t have jackets,” Jocelyn said. “We sent all the money to ACO, where people may not have homes, food, or clothing, and they can come and get those needs.”

Jocelyn said she was listening to the news when she thought of the idea of helping people in her community.

“I texted Lauren and said, ‘I got an idea, let’s start a business for people in need,’” Jocelyn said. “Together we sell t-shirts, jewelry, and goods, but there are also eight other vendors.”

Jocelyn asked her mother, Sandra Chapman, to help her and Perry with Motive8. Sandra brought on vendors such as Lipsense by Pennie Langford, KW Wines by Pricilla Whitley, LouLa Rue by Tisha, Lauren Marie Lifestyle Boutique, and Thirty-One Bags by Team Beckett. Jocelyn and Perry sold $250 at their first event on Feb. 2, and the other vendors sold about $150. The girls said around 60 people attended the event.

“The goal for Motive8 is to continue the girls’ business and grow,” Sandra said. “They love helping people in need. They hope to inspire other kids their age to give back to the community. They’ve also donated toys for Christmas to the Craniofacial Institute with Dr. Carlos Barcelo.”

Jocelyn said she and Perry want to inspire people to buy their products so they can help others.

“We’ve inspired a group of girls at our school to help [an] animal shelter,” Jocelyn said. “They’re still in the planning stages. They also want to raise money for ACO.”

Perry wants to be an animator when she grows up so she can bring joy to other people, and she said doing something that helps others is important to her.

“All throughout the school, people were talking about ACO, and I live in Allen so my mom also goes there to help out, and I felt like I could also help out by doing something on my own without my moms help, but of course she helped,” Perry said. “It’s important to me because I know I’m helping people, and I know I’m making a difference even though I’m only 10 years-old.”