Tasty tradition


Courtesy of Pixabay/Creative Commons

Teachers will be serving up hotcakes tomorrow morning to students as a part of final exam week.

Melody Quintero, Staff Reporter

Every year it takes more than 30 pounds of batter, eight pounds of syrup, and lots and lots of sprinkles. On the morning before the first day of finals this week, teachers and administrators will be serving flapjacks to students, continuing a nine-year tradition.

“It’s a good way to make sure kids have breakfast, to start off finals week on a good note, and I think that the kids enjoy that the teachers are making breakfast for them,” administrative assistant Lynda Fleming said.

The tradition of making flapjacks for students started in 2008, after Fleming and former principal Gavin Goodrich saw the Sloan Creek Middle School administrators continuing the tradition from Highland Park.

“I guess the administrators we had at the middle school as well as teachers that came from Highland Park did [flapjacks for finals] there,” Fleming said, “They realized how much the kids enjoyed it, so they decided to start it here.”

Senior Payton Cowan said that students appreciate the extra effort given by the school as finals begin.

“It gives kind of a sense of care here,” Cowan said, “‘Want to go to finals? Well we’ll be accommodating and give you a free breakfast, since you have to take some pretty gruesome tests.’”

Fleming said that teachers who participate enjoy going the extra mile for their students, and often bring their own ingredients.

“I know there are some teachers that wanted to be a flipper, and they bring their own sprinkles,” Fleming said, “They’ll really enhance their flipping station.”