Photo Gallery: Learning literature through entertainment

Melody Quintero and Zoe Allison

Shakespeare Dallas  performed for freshman on March 29 to help clarify the language and influence of Shakespeare.

“It’s going to help [freshman] better understand the language of Shakespeare and the way he uses the words and manipulates the language,” English 1 Teacher Roxann Ward said.

The company’s purpose is to “serve the Southwest region with fun and accessible indoor and outdoor theatre, integrated school programs, and cultural enrichment for people of all ages and backgrounds” and create a presentation that students will understand and appreciate.

Shakespeare has influenced many stories and phrases we hear today, including over 1700 words that he created.

“Shakespeare has so influenced our literature, our world, and many of the phrases that he coined are phrases that we use today,” Ward said.

English 1 teacher Courtney Todd is excited about the opportunity for freshman to see this performance.

“I think that you will enjoy the Shakespeare Dallas presentation,” Todd said.