Searching for a cure

Relay for life comes to the stadium in April with a safari theme


American Cancer Society

Live music, luminarias, and the Mr. Relay pageant will all be featured at the Relay For Life on April 28.

Melody Quintero, Staff Reporter

A safari theme will be used to raise money at Relay For Life on April 28 at the football stadium, encouraging students to “search for a cure” for cancer.

“Relay For Life is a 6-12 hour long event, and basically what you do is you show up with a bunch of friends, and you just hang out, and have a fun time, all while doing things that revolve around cancer awareness,” committee chair and senior Sarah Wallaert said.

All proceeds will be given to the American Cancer Society. Wallaert noted the financial difficulties that can accompany cancer.

“A lot of times people get cancer, and they have to go through chemo, and they have to take time off of work,” Wallaert said. “So their income stops, and they’re relying on a spouse or a friend or a family member to pay for their treatments, which are incredibly expensive. On top of that, they have to find transportation to get there. They have to find someone to take care of them, because sometimes chemo can knock you out.”

The event is focused around teams circling the safari-themed track earning pledges for every lap. Another event will be a Survivor Lap, where people from the community who had or currently have cancer will walk a lap.

Luminarias will be sold, and students can buy one beforehand to dedicate in honor or in memory of a loved one with cancer.

During the event there will be live music performed by high school students, and other activities and games including the Mr. Relay pageant. The pageant is open to male 9-12 students through a Google form. Contestants will be selected by the Relay For Life committee.

Beautiful Lengths will be at the event, and is encouraging female underclassmen to donate hair if they can. Eight inches of hair is required to make a donation.

Students can go the Relay for Life at Lovejoy online sign-up page, and click on the “Join This Relay” button at the top right.

For more information, follow the school’s Relay For Life committee on Twitter.