Welcome to the 14 Days of Love

For those unsure about what exactly the 14 Days of Love series is, here is a brief explanation.

Hallie Fischer, Editor-in-chief

Chocolates, roses, stuffed teddy bears, romance novels, love stories, hugs, holding hands, and all that other lovey-dovey stuff is just what Valentine’s Day is all about and The Red Ledger has been struck by Cupid. 

On the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day, The Red Ledger will be featuring a couple every day to talk about how they met, their fondest memories, and more about their relationship. These couples are selected by a combination of student suggestions and choices by us, the 14 Days of Love staff, Hallie Fischer and Mary Catherine Wells. The couples were brought into The Red Ledger’s studio where the 14 Days of Love staff asked them a series of questions. Some of the questions were specific to each couple based on research, but most of the questions were the same from couple to couple. Couples didn’t get to look at the questions before they were asked, except for a few trial questions. Questions ranged from the specific relationship questions like “how did you meet,” to more general questions about love.

Even though there are only 14 days, the 14 Days of Love staff films more than 14 couples to ensure that we have the best quality possible. The first 14 days of February will feature a different couple in no particular order, but the 15th day is different. On the day after love’s holiday, The Red Ledger searches out a couple that would like to go on camera and talk about why their relationship just didn’t work out. Both couples must agree to do the 15th day and there are no fist fights allowed. 

The 14 Days of Love staff consists of upper management editors of The Red Ledger, adviser Corey Hale, and is edited by multimedia editor Matthew Cinquepalmi and other video gurus. Hours of video were shot for this series, but not all questions made the final cut. Often answers that are too short, don’t give enough information, or are too long get cut from the video to conserve time/space for the best responses. 

14 Days of Love began three years ago and many parts have changed. So join The Red Ledger in watching 15 daring couples that decided to share their love on camera, whether you’re single eating chocolates by yourself or with your boo hoping to make it on the next year’s series.