Column: Lessons learned from ‘The Bachelor’

ABC’s ongoing series ‘The Bachelor’ is a jewel among the media when speaking on creating strong women, TRL’s Hallie Fischer says.


Carter Bryant

What does a dating show and the Women’s Marches of 2017 have in common: they are both displays of capable, confident women.

Hallie Fischer, Editor-in-chief

Who knew a TV show could change your entire viewpoint on life. I surely didn’t. Turning on my television on a typical Monday night, I expected to be bombarded by shallow, dramatic shows, but fortunately, ABC’s “The Bachelor” graced my screen.

“The Bachelor” is more than a bunch of single dental hygienists and one previously rejected boy. These girls are the epitome of grace, sophistication, confidence, and genuine personalities. The one lucky fellow handles the stress of dating over 20 girls with surprising strength and chivalry. Looking past the surface, there are so many deeper meanings hidden within this true love game show. Today, I’d like to focus on the lessons “The Bachelor” teaches about being a strong 21st century women. Although they might be quite obvious to some, I think every woman and girl should take note and practice these important life-changing teachings.

So if you haven’t picked up on them already, here are six reasons why “The Bachelor” is creating a strong generation of women of today.


1. You’re not important if you’re not the center of attention.

The producers of the show really hit this one home every episode. Every season we see many characters waltz in and out of the spotlight, but the ones we should really focus on are the ones in the shadows: they teach us the most. You can always tell that the girls without much screen time are the boring ones. They don’t even attempt to force their personality onto others. Girls like Corinne and Taylor have the best personalities because they are the ones that show up on camera. I think we all agree the girls whose names we don’t know, like all the Bettys and Susans, are the ones who don’t even have a chance of finding love. What should the young girls watching take away from this? If you don’t make yourself and all your opinions known, you may as well pack your bags. Try to start some sort of argument or brawl, so you set yourself up for success.

2. Love is always brought to you on a silver platter or in a red dress.

Forget meeting your true love at the supermarket or meeting your future husband at work. It doesn’t work that way anymore. It has been proven that you are GUARANTEED a ring if you see your finance for the first time as you step out of a limo in a ball gown. This confirms a wonderful first impression so they know what to expect of you in common situations like limo rides into mansions. Don’t go searching for love; let it be come to you. Also, as Nick taught us, if it isn’t handed to you on the first silver platter, keep ordering more, you’re bound to like one.

3. Get as much personal information out as fast as possible.

In a typical relationship you have hours to talk about each others’ lives and intimate details, but there is a faster, more reliable way to ensure a sturdy relationship. Skip the small talk, head straight for the intimate details about your past relationships, family issues, and deepest fears on the first date. Don’t leave him waiting. This way, you can ensure he can read you like an open book as quickly as possible. Too many girls will try to get him to do “the chase”, but by making yourself quick accessible, this leads to a 100 percent loyal relationship. I mean, what more could he want if you tell him every detail of your anatomy on the first date?

4. It’s not a date if it’s not planned and/or extravagant.

We should feel sorry for ourselves. These girls get to go on dates to Fiji, South Korea, Alaska, and Thailand and us normal folks have to settle for dinner “dates” to the local pizza place. It is time you know your worth ladies. Any less than a hot air balloon ride over the Swedish countryside at dusk with fireworks is merely an outing, not a date. A date should always be a daredevil, bucket-list type date. Don’t let common men fool you. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a helicopter ride.

5. It’s okay to test drive.

See a girl exchange a passionate lip-lock with the man you want to marry? No worries. This happens all the time, ladies. Don’t be alarmed. These days, he is allowed to shop around. Window shopping isn’t the correct word because he doesn’t follow the “look, don’t touch” rule. It is more like test driving all the Toyota Camrys he wants. Maybe he likes the mysterious, sexy look of the black Camry, while the red one is his mom’s favorite color; it’s just shopping. Don’t get jealous, just be lucky that you are one of the Toyotas he’s seen at the dealership. If he doesn’t choose you, don’t worry. Cry it off, make a scene if you can, and move on, because boys don’t have to make a final decision. They could come back and choose a different one in the end. Any car can be a Lamborghini if you put the right sticker on it.

6. It’s not love if you don’t have to fight off 20+ girls.

This is imperative to knowing your strength as a woman. Strength is not based on your patience and confidence, contrary to common belief. Strength now goes back to the more physical definition: how many people can you fight off and for how long. In realistic, serious situations like “The Bachelor,” if you don’t make a scene, you must find some way to make it out alive. Make sure when you’re finding love, that you calculate every move strategies help you maximize love. With the correct balance of brute strength, careful snarky comments, and the right amount of cleavage, you too can fall in love with your pre-selected man of your dreams.


I know some of these lessons are probably obvious to the average 21st century woman, but I thought it was important to discuss them and how great their impact is, not only for us, but our children. In my opinion, I believe these are so true, just, and important that all woman should have these memorized to use them in their everyday life.

The T.V. show “The Bachelor” is creating a new breed of dependent and dramatic women that the world hasn’t seen since the 1800s. Thank you, “The Bachelor.” Your lessons will live on in the lives of our youth.