Jillian Sanders, Editor-in-chief

  • Starbucks on West Lucas Road. Thank you for fueling so many students’ need for caffeine and a study break.


  • The school library: a welcoming home to students with broken printers, seniors with nothing to do, AP students cramming for tests, and those who just really love the comfy couches.


  • Teachers who stay before and after school for tutoring. We hope y’all have an amazing holiday break – you guys deserve it.


  • Student Council for planning so many events and making our school a better place.


  • Brockdale Park and its nature trails out by Lake Lavon.


  • The sports teams for working so hard and representing our school.


  • The fine arts department. The school’s new art galleries are amazing, the theatre shows are entertaining, and the choir, band, and orchestra programs are second to none.


  • The guide dogs and their trainers. Nothing makes a bad day better than seeing a cute lil pupper in the halls. (This is from Carol, muahahha).


  • Downtown McKinney: Everything about The Square is perfect.


  • The cafeteria staff for offering Chick-fil-A sandwiches on Wednesdays.


  • The Target $5 and under aisle; where one can find fluffy socks, coffee cups, and school supplies super-conveniently and cheaply.


  • The school janitors for continuing to clean up our messes left on the lunch tables every day.