Caroline Smith, Editor-in-chief

  • The construction on Stacy Road and Highway 75. I’m sick of it taking 20 minutes to get somewhere that should take 10. Also it’s so scary to drive through.


  • The entire presidential election. Does this really need an explanation? #RIPamerica


  • College applications. College essays. Application fees. Resumes. I just want to be successful and not cry please.


  • The fact that seniors have to take eight classes every day even though they already have most (if not all) of their credits.


  • M. Christopher and Company keeps cutting down trees and destroying our last pieces of beautiful land and building a lot of houses, and it’s rude. Urban sprawl is so sad. (This one’s from Jillian).


  • It’s cold but we have no snow. If I’m going to suffer through the winter and negative temperatures (in celsius obviously), the least Texas could do is provide a winter wonderland. Here, if it’s 30 degrees, it’s just dreary. In many Northern states, if it’s 30 degrees, there are beautiful snowflakes to frolick in.


  • Class rank. At our school, kids with all A’s might not even be in the top 50 of their class, and a thousandth of a GPA point may be the difference in whether or not you get into a college.


  • Too much homework, too little sleep. I’m tired. And sometimes busy work just doesn’t sound all that inviting. Sorry.


  • Texas has fall in December. Deck the halls with boughs of dead leaves, people.


  • The school only has two exits and after school traffic freaking sucks. It shouldn’t take 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot. And don’t even get me started on the traffic we have on half days. You can go ahead and cancel those lunch plans.


  • People who still think Harambe jokes are funny. Someone died. Show some respect.