Alpha Omega continues under new leadership


Courtesy of Alpha Omega

Senior leader Nathan Hartter decided to use Snapchat to reach out to people in the community.

Melody Quintero, Staff Reporter

After Alpha Omega club founders Lane White and Madeline Campbell graduated last year, the small group Bible study was in need of new leadership.

That’s when senior Nathan Hartter stepped in, choosing to make the club, which meets Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., his senior project.

“Last year I remember I came a few times and I just really felt a call to continue it, because the previous leaders graduated and went over to A&M,” Hartter said. “I just really felt it had a nice place, it’s nice little niche within the school, and I really wanted to continue it.”

The purpose of Alpha Omega is to bring students together and to learn about Christ. Students who attend the meetings can talk to other students whom they normally don’t meet.

“It creates relationships between the people who attend the Bible study,” junior KelsieAnn Trank said. “I’ve made new friends because of it. It’s cool to get to know people that you wouldn’t normally talk to.”

Club members said they enjoy the feeling of family that it provides.

“I really like the more intimate feel where you’re able to know everybody and feel more comfortable in a setting like that,” Hartter said.

Along with teaching about Christ and helping people grow in their relationship with Him, serving the community is an important part of the group’s mission. The club periodically participates in service projects and donations.

“We are collecting money and donations for the SPCA right now, and then our organization helped at Bradley’s Run for Depression,” service leader Lauren Latour said.

The organization also has “accountability time,” where students can speak about their struggles and work with others to find a solution.

“If people are struggling or going through some things, we have people to talk to, and they help us find solutions,” Latour said. “Last year I had a friend who attempted suicide, and it was really hard to go through. [Alpha Omega] helped me to get through that, because I had a support system.”

The organization has members from a variety of teams and organizations, including choir, theatre, cross country, orchestra, athletic trainers, and Majestics. Despite this diverse bunch, Alpha Omega is still a close group.

“It’s still small and close knit,” Latour said. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, my gosh, there are 100 people here!’ There’s like 20.”