Annual Leopard Friday to host game-day festivities


Julia Carder

Many of the school’s clubs and organizations set up booths in the courtyard during Leopard Friday.

Melody Quintero, Staff Reporter

The school’s clubs and organizations will be on display for the annual Leopard Friday in the courtyard on Oct. 14, from 5 to 7 p.m. The community event is designed to provide students and parents a way to know their school better.

“We highlight different organizations here at the school, but it really just creates a fun time for parents and adults in our community to bring kids in, and to have a great experience here at the high school,” principal Chris Mayfield said.

The main purpose of Leopard Friday is to give community members a chance to see what the district has to offer. Children, parents, and friends are invited to see the programs.

“[Lovejoy] encompasses the communities of Fairview and Lucas,” Mayfield said. “We’re kind of the hub for those two communities so this really provides an opportunity for us to come together as a community, have a fun time, support the school and the spirit of Lovejoy ISD.”

The event is open to all clubs and organizations related to Lovejoy.

“There’s lots of different things that are available to see in the booths,” Mayfield said. “Most of the booths also have games for kids, so a lot of our elementary kids enjoy coming and getting their face painted or playing a game or doing something that’s fun for them.”

The new additions to the school have expanded the event this year.

“Now with our new stem lab, and our robotics, what a great opportunity to showcase academic and fine art events,” Director of Athletics Jim Bob Puckett said.

According to Mayfield, several thousand people from the community typically come to Leopard Friday. The community enjoys coming to see what the school has to offer, Puckett said.

“It’s something that the student body really enjoys, the sponsors enjoy because it allows them to showcase their particular group and organization, and intermingling of our community; I think that’s so important,” Puckett said. “It think it’s just a very enjoyable and exciting evening, and we want it to continue for many years to come.”