B-hall expansion leads E-hall to be rearranged


Stu Mair

Animation teacher Ray Cooper is required to pack up and move his classroom due to expansions in E-hall and B-hall.

Riley Laurence, Staff Reporter

As seen with the addition of the new dance studio, the updated press box, and the expansion of the cafeteria, the school is constantly making changes to accommodate the growing size of the student body. One of the most notable changes since the school’s opening will take place next year as the extension to B-Hall, featuring multiple classrooms and an engineering lab, which will be opened for the 2016-2017 school year.

The opening of the extension will also lead to many changes in the vacated technology rooms in E-Hall.

“E-Hall is going to be transformed,” assistant principal Bruce Coachman said. “We are going to add an art room, so we are having to renovate all of the art rooms and add furniture. We are also going to have a new kiln so Mr. McCasland’s and Mrs. Beller’s rooms are going to be renovated and Mr. Seidel’s room will be made larger.”

In addition to being expanded and shifted, the art rooms will house a variety of updated features and other renovations.

“They are going to put in concrete floors, new tables, and the entire front wall will be a dry erase board,” art teacher Amanda Beller said. “We will have bigger sinks and a much better storage system for kids to store the art they’re currently working on to avoid it being messed with after they leave the class.”

To make room for the expansion, all of the other teachers inhabiting E-Hall except for journalism teacher Corey Hale will be moving rooms.

“Mr. Liddington’s room, which is now robotics, will become Mrs. Holcomb’s room which is yearbook,” Coachman said. “Mr. Liddington, Mr. Cooper, and Mrs. Ford will all be moving to the new wing as we will have technology labs there.”

Making its grand opening in the fall of 2016, the extension of B-Hall will house the classes in the technology department, including animation.

“I am moving to B-Hall, so I am having to downsize,” animation teacher Ray Cooper said. “There will definitely be some pros and cons to moving. One of the cons is that I won’t have my room right here where I see a bunch of people walking down E-Hall throughout the day; I’ll be stuck at the end of B-Hall, so I am going to have to get used to that but I’m sure my ego will adjust.”

Despite the stress of moving classrooms and adjusting to being located in an entirely different part of the school, there are upsides that outweigh the struggle.

“Pros are that my room has a different layout so instead of having a long table of computers in the middle of the classroom, all of the computers will be along the wall,” Cooper said. “Room-wise I will have the same amount of space. It will just be a different dynamic with the way my new room is set up, but there should be no problems.”