Featured Athlete: Weston Haas

‘Lacrosse keeps me in shape and a good athlete. It’s just like a fun thing that I can do.’


Sydney Wong

After playing lacrosse for eight years, senior Weston Haas is now waiting to hear back for college acceptance.

Alexander Peralta, Staff Reporter


Name: Weston Haas

Sport: Lacrosse

Height: 5-7

Years Played: Eight

Key Stat: Scored eight goals in one game


Number on the team: 13

Pregame Music: Rap, something to get me hyped up

Pregame Meal: Soup (Also eats soup during the game)

Favorite Lacrosse Team: Johns Hopkins

Favorite part of lacrosse:Getting Buckets.”

If you could play another position, what would it be: Goalie


The Red Ledger: How do you prepare for games?

Weston Haas: I don’t really do anything different. I kind of just show up and go.

TRL: How do you balance school with lacrosse?

WH: Our practices are pretty late so it isn’t really that hard to get everything done.

TRL: How did you pick up lacrosse?

WH: It was a family friend, and their whole family had played lacrosse. We went on a vacation with them, and they were out playing and I just grabbed a stick and started playing with them. It was really fun.

TRL: Do you have a dynamic duo with anyone on the team?

WH: Me and Carson Buckner and then Colton Parker

TRL: What are your strengths?

WH: Being able to move off-ball and being able to score.

TRL: Do you plan on playing lacrosse later in life?

WH: Yes. So right now I’m waiting to hear if I’ve been accepted to BYU, UT, and Utah State, and pretty much wherever I get accepted I’ll play.

TRL: How has lacrosse affected you? (physically and personally)

WH: It keeps me in shape and a good athlete. It’s just like a fun thing that I can do.

TRL: If you could quit lacrosse to be the guaranteed best in another sport, what would it be and why?

WH: Soccer because I played it from when I was really little until sophomore year and i really enjoyed the sport. Sometimes I wish I could still played it.

TRL: What are some things that you could improve on?

WH: Probably just some IQ things and working in traffic, and just some left-handed fluidity.

TRL: Do you think this years team can win state?

WH: Yes I think we have a good chance, we have pretty good depth and we have a solid defense and a strong offense.